Thursday, March 20, 2008


Welcome to our blog!

We'll try to share as much as possible our great experience, we learn a lot, we see many beautiful things, we meet great people,
if we can give you a bit of our happiness, we'll become even more happy...

Today I'm (Sebastien) in New Orleans, in this beautiful city, destroyed by the sky, but living again by its soaring hearts.

I've spent one month in France, I needed to come back, that was very useful.
I'll leave in few days, and continue my beautiful trip in bicycle, in direction of Vancouver.

Happily for me we're getting rid of the winter, that means I'll certainly be able to ride a bit norther than what I though, GREAT!

Aubin is actually in France for two weeks, he'll come back on the 27th of march to Key West, and he'll then search for a cheap car to join me in Vancouver.

Here are the fresh news!

Hope your day is beautiful...