Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello Canada

We arrived into the Hoh rainforest in the Olympic National Park Washington Thusday 23rd of September,
exactly a year and a month before we had first arrived in Cuba.

The morning was amazingly sunny.

After preparing ourselves for a long hike we finally started our 35miles round trip hike.

The plan was to hike all the way to the blue glacier which is part of the Olympus peak.

We arrived a mile to the end of the hike by 4:30pm

There was no way to continue we had to go back.

The view on the glacier was beautiful and the hike through the rain forest and the giant tree as well.

We arrived back to the car around 11:45pm after a 34miles hike our thought was only sleeping.

We slept in the car and left in the morning.

We arrived in the late evening in Vancouver Canada after we passed the border, luckily with no difficulty.

Tracey and Katie our host in Vancouver are very friendly and we already spend three night there.

This morning we took the ferry to Vancouver Island were we going to spend a couple of days here.

And the adventure continues.


Monday, September 22, 2008


it's so great to be surrounded by green.
On a side the ocean, and on the other, the green forest.
We arrived yesterday into Washington state.

We've been welcomed by Hal and his family in Sheridan,OR,
and watched our first football game, the high school game of his son Patrick.

Then we drove to Portland, big very nice city.
And through this great website:, we were welcomed by Tamara, Alice and Joey.
Nice time with our very funny hosts.

We're now going into the direction of Olympic nat. park, trying to stay dry into the rainforest.

We'll go through Seattle and then to Vancouver.

If you know anybody in one of these area who would like to host us, please let us know.

Green is great.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

New pictures

There are new pictures on the right below.
Don't forget to click on them to get them bigger.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the road again (California)

Hello all of you.

We left San Francisco sunday with Aubin's car, in the direction of Vancouver.
His visa ends on the 26th of september, so we'll be in Canada for this time.

We're right now in Mckinleyville, a bit north of Eureka, CA.
We are hosted by some people through the website couchsurfing.
The two days before that we've been knocking on people's door, and we've been meeting really nice people.

We'll stay along the coast of the Pacific till Canada, it's full of fog, but so beautiful.

Contact us if you know peope who would like to welcome us.