Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vive la Louisiane


I love Louisiana.
Since Ileft New Orleans, I have been able to test the Louisiana hospitality.
First I was welcomed by Doc, in Des Allemands,La, who feed me with a very good jambalaya that his grand daughter did.
Then I met the Chitimacha indians who close to Franklin, La.
Loonie, the tribe chief welcomed me in his house, all the tribe feed me, we had wonderful crawfish, everyone of them was so nice and welcoming.
Then I stayed in New Iberia, welcomed by Patrick,
I had Alligator, ribs, beans, I learned about coonass.
Then I moved to Lafayette for the festival international, 5 days of free music.
I arrived Friday 25th, and stayed till monday afternoon.
I was welcomed by Gwen, I met her through this website: www.couchsurfing.com
that provides for traveler, people space in their house, that's a wonderful community website.
I met a lot of very nice people, I was invited to eat everywhere,
I listened to great live music.
Lafayette really is a very nice town.
Yesterday I met Arlene and Luc in Abbeville, and they invited me to stay at their house, they offered me boiled crawfish, and a vey sweet bed.
They made me a tour of Abbeville today, and showed me the pan of the giant omelette they prepare in Abbeville with more than 5,000 eggs.

I thank ya'll for your help, for everything you shared with me.

Tonight I will be in Pecan island, in the nature.

I will leave Louisiana in few days, but I know that my trip here will be unforgettable, because of ya'll wonderful people I met here.

See ya


Monday, April 21, 2008

Kamp Katrina

When I arrived in New Orleans and needed a place to sleep, the wind blowed me to Mrs Pearl.

Mrs Pearl lives i the Bywater, this wonderful neighborhood of New Orleans, she's native american, but more than everything she's a child of the universe.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on august 2005.

Many people became homeless because of this incredible strength of the nature.

When she came back to New Orleans, around the 15th of september 05, Mrs Pearl opened her house to displaced workers, she and her husband David welcomed people they didn't know, because they thought that when somebody needs help, anyone has to give what he can.
They wanted to keep their neighborhood alive...

They put tent in the yard, they let people sleep in the living room.

Now almost 3 years after the hurricane, their house is still opened to everyone who needs a place to live.

Few weeks ago police came to her house and told her that she couldn't house people in the yard, quality of life is not reasonable they said...
So is that better to let people live in the street?

Some people lost their house because they were not able to fix it, the government took their house, some people who just own a house but didn't have money to fix it became homeless.
Why did the government took these property, what's the reason?

Mrs Pearl is really somebody incredible, she welcomed me, shared her life with me, she helped so many people,...
I wanna say her thank you and I wish that solutions will appear fast.

A movie was made about her and Kamp Katrina, this movie won an award and is called: Kamp Katrina.
you can see some part of it on:
also on:

Mrs Pearl needs some help, to feed the resident of the house, to be able to build small houses in the backyard, to fix her house that was damaged by the hurricane.
If you want you can bring her some food or send her some money.

She needs also help to let the truth appears to everyone,
if you wanna film or report about what happens, you can contact Mrs Pearl at:

You can directly come to see them at 712 alvar str
70117 New Orleans
or call: 504 948 0166

I just wanted to thank the sunshine.

On the road again

Hello all of you.

I't's time for me to go back on the road.

I didn't think I would have stayed so long in New Orleans,
but I felt in love with this city,
and I had the chance to have met good people who showed me a very interesting face of this city.

I want to thank them a lot for their help.

I changed a bit the route I will take to go to Vancouver:
first I'll go straight to Austin,TX along the gulf of mexico coasts,
then I'll go to Carslbad, NM
Roswell, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Moab, UT
go in all the beautiful national parks,
bryce canion, zion, grand canion,...
Tonopah, NV
Yosemite nat park, CA
lake Tahoe, CA
lassen volcanic nat park, CA
Eureka, CA
and then all along the Pacific coast
to Vancouver, BC, CANADA.

That will be wonderful...

I leave tomorrow morning, with the sunrise...

If you know very good these places,
if you have some advices,
some warnings,
if you know some people who could help me,
could welcome me,
please write me about it on:

Hope you're doing wonderful

Sebastien Roevens

An eye on on New Orlens

Hommage to Mr Christophe Porche,
he lives in the bywater, this rainbow neigborhood on the 9th ward of New Orleans.

I wanna speak about him because the emotion we can feel looking at his pictures are incredible.
He gives us the emotion, the power, the strength of New Orleans.

He changed my way of seing photography.

I thank him for that.

To get emotioned go on:

If you'll be in New Orleans for jazz fest, he'll be exposing, chck the information on the website.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tanya and Dorise, my two angels.

I wanna tell a bit two wonderful musician, two wonderful artist, two inspiring persons, two friends, two wonderful human beings.

It's now one month and a half that they welcome me, first it was Tanya, and then Dorise,
they let me live with them,
they make me feel this city, through them I meet a lot of people, through them I'm surrounded by an incredible harmony of music,...

To live, they play music in the street, in front of the famous "cafe du monde", every day they share their talent with passing by people.

When you watch them playing music, it only takes two minutes to feel how much they live music, how deep in their skin, flowing in their blood, vibe, melody, harmony is a part of them.

We're not speaking about concert for 20 000 people, we're not speaking about 1 000 000$ disc, we're not speaking about MTV,...
..., we're just speaking about music.

I just wanted to thank two angels...

If you wanna learn more about two artists:

Tanya made a Cd by her own, she wrote the texts, she recorded every single instrument, she sang,
her CD and her life are on:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

International school of Lousiana

I think this school deserve that we speak about it.

I've met along my road people that have learned french during high school and sometime more,
most of time I was able to realise something,
it wasn't very useful because most of these people were not able to say "my name is..." in french

But now I'm hopeful...
This international school of Louisiana, based in New Orleans, provides foreign language lessons in a way that 20 years later, students will still remember the learned language.
Students can chose between french and spanish.
Every single lesson, math, history, geography...
are teached in the choosen language.
The teacher teach their mother language.

The school begins at kindergarden and finish in eighth grade.

It's a public school, meaning completely free.

A friend of mine teaches in this school, she needed help to bring the children to the museum, I was lucky to meet these futuristic kids.
And I have to admit that they speak very good spanish and french.

I thank all the children of Ms Irma's class,
you were all very nice.

I had a wonderful day.

You're changing america's face.