Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Mexico in pictures.
First part.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

The way to the second biggest city in the world.

Buenas tardes,

It is quite a while since we wrote some news about our beautiful travels.

We left Mazatlan aboard the sailboat Samantha.

Scott the captain and his wife Linda a couple of San Francisco were looking for crew members to go south.

We took the opportunity to go offshore and maybe realize our dream to see whales.

Lucky us we saw the splendid spectacle of a whale jumping complietely out of the water.

After a 22 hours boat ride, welcomed by the dolphins, we arrived in the early morning in the bay of Matenchen surrounded by a beautiful tropical landscape.

We stayed for a couple of days in the small city of San Blas.

The place is not very touristic because of the abundance of the noseethem flies that bite as bad as the mosquito.

From there we hitch hike south to Nuevo Vallarta were we only spend a night before continuing in the next morning to Guadalajara.

Along the way we stop in San Sebastian Del Oeste, a village high in the mountains from the time of the colonisation.

The road are made of paving stone, and the house have all a 1 meter high red stripe from the ground.

We arrived late in Guadalajara the second biggest town in Mexico.

Fortunately Lorena a friend of a friend was waiting of us.

With her family we went to the lake Chapala the biggest lake in Mexico.

Every Sundays the piers of the lake are filled by the people of Guadalajara coming to spend time with the family or friends.

Our next stage was the city of Guanajuato in the very center of Mexico.

The city is simply full of colors.

Guanajuato is also know to be the capital of the kiss.Most of the big traffic road are underground and many small streets are not even accessible for the cars.

In the city of Morelia we were living right in the mitle of downtown.

Together with our host from Couchsurfing.com we went to the night of the stars.

For the event they installed some telescope and we were able to see some moon crater and to learn about different constellation.

On the way to Mexico city we stopped in near Angangueo in the state of Michoacan.

The winter home of million Monarch butterflies.

The Monarch butterflies make the biggest migration of their species.

They fly from southern Canada and northern Texas all the way down to Mexico.

For some of them more, then 4500km to spend the winter in a warmer place.

The males are dying in Mexico as the females are flying back to give birth in Canada or the USA.

The spectacle is impressive, thousand and thousand of butterflies flying around or hanging in bunch in the trees.

Im remembering of this amazing moment I let you go back to your activity.

Hasta luego.