Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fly away

Hello all of you.

These past days have been a lot of emotion.

I've been learning few weeks ago that my grandma got a cancer, and was at the hospital.

Her sickness went worst and worst, and I decided the 3rd of july, while I was in Zion nat. park to come back to France to stay beside her.
I took a flight from San Francisco on the 15th of july.

Wednesday the 16th of July, I was in Paris, and I could hug my grandma tell her all the love I feel for her.

She must have been waiting for me,
she died saturday 19th of july, at 2:40am.

I'll stay for a while beside my grandpa,
he's completely shocked, and he needs help to recover.

My return flight to SF is on the 7th of september.

That was time for my grandma to fly away.
Thanks to her for all the love she provided to us.

The photo has been taken two years ago, from the left to the right: my sister, my father, my aunt, my grandma, me, and my grandfather.