Sunday, December 28, 2008

High in altitude

Buenos dias,

first of all, we wish you a merry Christmas,
hope you had a joyful celebration,
full of love and share.

We are now in Creel, southwest of Chihuahua, a nice little town,
in the high sierra, in the traditionnal land of the Tarahumara people.

Yesterday we left Chihuahua, our host from there drove us to a gas station out of town, and we asked for a ride to the people who were filling up their tanks.
Three different cars later, we arrived to our destination: Creel.
In Creel we walked a bit and knocked on the door of a house that gave us a good impression,
and asked for hospitality.
An older woman and her family welcomed us, she seemed very happy to have us.

It's the first time that we hitch-hike and ask for hospitality in Mexico,
and that first impression is wonderful, our way of traveling seems to be in the mentality.

As you know, we travel this way because what we want is to understand the way people live wherever we go,
we try to share a moment of their life,
we speak about how it is where we come from,
and they speak to us about how life is for them.
And we deeply believe in the goodness of human soul.

Life is beatiful

Seb and Aubin

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hola Mexicoooo!

Hello you all!

It's really good to feel the sun shining and heating your skin.
It feels good to be back to summer in december.

Aubin got across the border on the 15th of december,
he took a bus from El Paso to Chihuahua, a bit more than 200 mile south.
He had contacted somebody through the website
who was able to give him a place to stay.

I left Durango, CO, past sunday, the 14th of december,
the very inspirative Dr Reyes Garcia gave me a ride from there to Albuquerque,
and his daughters gave me a place to stay for the night.
The next morning I began hitch-hiking from Albuquerque to El Paso,
the snow was there to tell me: "Man, that's your time to go south"
Got the message.

After 2 cars and 1 truck, I got to El Paso.
The truck driver was very interesting, he had a assiociation that is helping people who have autism.
And want everybody to be aware of the fact that the vaccin that we receive contain mercury,
which is recognize as being very toxic.
Since the vaccin have been obligated, the rate of children getting autism have dropped from
1 for 10'000 to 1 for 150.
If you want you can have a look at the website:

In El Paso I was welcomed by Steven and his family,
that Aubin has also met through the website

The next day, tuesday, I took the bus from El Paso to Chihuahua,
30$, it's not bad.

In Chihuahua, I joined Aubin, and got also welcomed by the 3 couchsurfer who were welcoming Aubin.
Jorge, Ulises and Polo.
They're serial hosters,
they've been welcoming 96 travelers before us.

Chihuahua is a nice town,
about 800'000 people,
a quite desertic climate,
a beautiful cathedral,
and of course, a lot of people to meet.

Our plan now is to go west to the Pacific, go to see copper canyon, which is certain parts deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon.
Then, going south along the Pacific coast, and get back inland to the capital Mexico city.

We'll see what the path is going to give us.

Hope you have fun in this time of festivity.
And that you give a lot of love to your family, your friends, and your brothers and sisters human being.



Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Bonjour all of you,

I'm now in Taos, NM.

I wanted to com over there to check-out about these interesting houses,
the earthship.
These house are tending to be completely sef sustainable,
and are part of it is made of recycled tires, cans, bottle.

I'll talk a bit more about that whenever I find the time for it,
but for the moment you should check these videos on youtube that tells about it:
a first one very basic from CNN:

and two other ones more in detail:

Have fun watching that.