Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Durango, Santa Fe

we're now back on the old way,
I'm in Durango, CO,
and Aubin is in Santa Fe, NM.
We arrived around here on the 7th,
with one big goal,
selling the car to keep on going.

We got hosted by friends I met on my first passage in the area,
one of the most beautiful area I've ever been through.
Being so close to the high mountains and so close to the wonderful desert.
Going from white and green to orange, yellow, grey...

The place where the Anasazi heart still beats.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


wer'e now in Jackson, WY,
we've been crossing so many wonderful landscape through Idaho, Montana, and now Wyoming.
We've been around bisons, elk, moose...
Some wonderful people welcomed us everyday,
knocking on people's door and asking for hospitality is definitely the best way to travel for us.

We're now taking the direction of Colorado, and New Mexico.

Sorry for this very fast news,
we don't have much time...

We're too busy discovering....