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專業環保回收 * Specialized in Recycling

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專業環保回收 * Specialized in Recycling

東昇回收公司專營回收各類工廠或公司的電子和電器,在環保行業中具有多年的經驗, 專人報價及上門回收, 包括各類電子零件、電腦配件、手機配件和電器。各種成品、半成品、零件、廠商存貨、退港物料無任歡迎。歡迎各行各業與我們聯絡。

Tung Sing Recycle Company has been in the environmental industry for several years and is specialized in the recycling of electronics and electrical goods which are previously owned by factories or companies, Quotation and pick by Professional responsible. Recycle include any kinds of electronics components, computer parts, mobile phone parts and electrical appliances. Stock lot, overstock, closeout, inventory, excess, surplus, liquidation, used, pre-owned, second hand, scrap or waste is accepted. People from different industries or countries are welcomed to deal with us.

Contact / 聯系人

HK/香港:65171295 / 62363887 (Mr. Chan 陳生)  



Whatsapp : 65171295 / 62363887

郵箱/email :

東 昇 回 收 Tung sing Recycling

Room E, 5/F Winner Factory Bldg., 55 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

九龍觀塘鴻圖道55號幸運工業大廈5/F E室

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