Friday, June 5, 2009

From Salvador to Honduras

we're actually in Santa Tecla, Salvador,
Aubin left this morning,
he's going back to Guatemala, and then to Mexico, to take a flight back to France in a few.

I'll be heading toward north-eastern Honduras, into a village called Ahuas, where Miskito native people live.
A remote village with access by boat only.
Should be very interesting.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belize to Guatemala

Freedom doesn’t depend on time or either space.

Belize is a very interesting country, first Mayan land, then colonised by Spanish then by English, and then independent in 1981.

Belize is very rich in precious trees, English colonisers exported lots of them and brought lots of human beings from Africa that they used as slaves.

Human beings using other human beings as slaves, strange no ?

Some boats full of human beings from the land of Africa, supposed to become slaves, sanked in the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and around, men could escape the boat and created a new community, Garifuna people, that escaped slavery.

In 1797 they were obligated by British people to leave their islands and emigrate west to the now coast of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

For a few years now, lots of people from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, emigrate to Belize cause the currency is much stronger, 1$ US= 2$ Belizean.

Now the coutry has only 300`000 person, most of the people speak Creole, but also English, and lots of people speak Spanish, the Garifuna people speak their own language that is a mix of a native tong from the Caribbean island they lived on, the African language they used to speak, English, French and Spanish.

50 years ago, lots of Menonite people emigrated from the USA and Canada to Belize, bought land and used it as they do it, now they’re the biggest producer of milk product in the country.

Recently people from China, Lebanon, and India, emigated to the country.

Lots of different cultures, all Belizeans, you can guess how interesting this country is.

On the 27th of April we decided with Aubin to go meet Garifuna people on the coast of Belize, in the city of Dangriga.

Cecile stayed in Belize city with our new hosts from, Spurge and Sony..

On the road, somebody who gave us a ride tells us about a friend of him living in Dangriga, we should be able to stay with him over there.

The man is called Ranch, Garifuna by his origin, he decided to live by what makes sense to him, he follows the way of living of a rasta man.

He lives in a very humble wooden house, in front of the house, his garden that gives him food, on the right, the well that provides him the water he needs to wash and water the plants, close to the well, the fire, for cooking the food and night light.

No running water, no electricity.

Just living the way his ancestors used to live.

We stayed with ranch for 6 days, helping watering and taking care of the plants,

He taught us how to cook with what the earth gives, taught us about the way Garifuna used to live, showed us his traditionnal dance and music, he shared with us.

On the 3rd of may, we’re back to Belize city, and Cecile decided to go back to the USA, after having traveled with us 6 weeks, having hitch-hiked across southern Mexico and Belize, having walked a lot, and slept in very contrasting places.

She’s been very courageaous, and we all of us learned a lot from each other, she left us on the 4th of May, hitch-hiked by herself from Belize to Cancun, and took a plane from there to Colorado.

On the 6th of May, we go to the biggest marina of Belize, Old Belize marina, which is pretty small, trying to find a boat going to San Pedro, one of the paradisiac island, emerging from the Carribean sea, Madonna’s « La isla bonita ».

As always lucky as we are, we speak with Rafael, a Polish captain taking care of a nice 41feet catamaran, who’s going to San Pedro the day after and was looking for crew to help him.

Life is good.

We sleep on the boat and the 7th of May we leave for a 7 hour sailing and motor cruise, in between the Belizean isands.

San Pedro is not that much the kind of place we really enjoy, very touristic, too touristic, a paradise for the ones who want to spend their money in living small island.

We spend two nights over there, and then take the water-taxi to the next island : Caye Caulker, nicer ambiance, way less touristic, almost no car, everybody bare-foot, azur water, white sand, coconut trees…

We meet Stanley, he sells T-shirt that he paints, one from Barack Obama attracts my attention.

I explain to him the kind of travel we’re doing, he directly invites us to stay at his home.

He lives on the next island, just a 30 feet canal to cross with the paddling boat.

Also no electricity, no running water, just a well and a fire, we buy some beans and some rice, everything we need to live.

Back to Belize city on the 11th of May.

Anne, a friend from Colorado that I met during the trip in the USA and who hosted me for a week, with her 3 years old son Skylar left on the same morning her city of Durango for a flight to Chicago, then on the 12th they fly from Chicago to Cancun, and take a bus to Chetumal, at the border with Belize, they stay overnight at the house of the friend of somebody from, on the next day, they take a bus from Chetumal to Belize where we join.

The troup of the wanderers get bigger, they’re going to travel with us for an undetermined time, she only took a one-way ticket, she’s ready to let the wind blow them, with faith in life.

We leave Belize city on the 14th of May, direction Guatemala.

We stop in a town called Georgeville, right before San Ignacio, were we meet David, who’s himself from the Mennonite community, Aubin asks him if they would let us stay with them as we really wanted to see how the Mennonites live.

No problem for him, hospitality is part of what the Bible teachs, and he only lives through what Bible says.

David is 29 years old, he recently married his wife and they have two kids, 1 and a half years old and a few monthes.

They welcome us in their house, give us matresses to stay on , and give us lots, and lots of food.

He explain us that he only wants to live for god’s word.

In the Mennonite community, about 30 families, no electricity, no cars, no machines, no fancy clothes, they use horses and oxes to work, and horses to travel.

We stay two nights with them, help David to work, and learn a lot from their way of seeing life.

David and his wife almost never spoke directly to Anne, when they had something to ask her, they did it through us, what was the problem ?

Was it that Anne had a child out of marriage ?

Was it that she’s native American, so from a non Christian family ?

In any of these case, or even both at the time, a real lack of tolerance is to be noted.

We have to love everyone as ourself says the bible right ?

We left on the 16th of May, after a few rides, we get to the Guatemalan border, new country, back to Spanish, always exciting.

We just wait a bit at a gas station, waiting for somebody to give us a ride, thumb lifted up, a truck picks us up, then another one, sitted on 40 pounds corn bags, we enjoy the dusty roads, that turns into asphalt road, and offer us one of the most beautiful ride we’ve seen so far.

With the sunset, the tropical nature offers us all the colors she’s got.

We get to a village called Ixlu, after knocking on one door, asking for hospitality and receiving a negative answer, a very nice guy comes to ask us if we’re looking for a hotel, we explain that we’re traveling around the world never staying at hotel, he then offers us to pitch our tent in his yard, nice.

We leave our big bags at his place, and hitch-hike to the Mayan ruins of Tikal, 25 miles away.

So wonderful place, these temples are incredible, high over the trees, they dominate the jungle, monkeys are hanging around, and birds sing songs I’ve never heard of.

We get back to the family who kept our stuffs, they’ve a young daughter who has lots of fun playing with Skylar, they run after each other, no matter which language each of them speak.

We hitch-hike to the city of Santa Elena close to Flores, at a gas station, we meet a colonel from the Guatemalan army, he offers to give us a ride.

The colonel brings us to the army base, offers us the diner, that the special cookers for the high graded prepare for us, and even offers us to sleep in the next base 15 min away.

A special car is called for us, a pick-up truck with 4 armed guys in the flat bed and two person on the front seats drive us to the next base.

The next morning the car come to pick us up and bring us back to the first base, we receive breakfast and lunch, and another army car gives us a ride a few hours south.

All the colonel seem to be happy to have us around, we must be a nice distraction for them.

Skylar got sick during the night, he got diarrhea and fever.

He’s been saying to his mum for a few days already that he was missing his house ; with this sickness coming that’s the signal for Anne that they need to come back home.

She books a flight from Guatemala city to Durango for Thursday the 21st of May.

We spend the night in a small village by the highway, a Mayan village.

Houses made of dirt, wood, and palm tree leaves.

People seem very scared of us, we don’t understand why at first ; Aubin speaks with them and count about our travel, they accept to let us stay in front of the church.

What we’ll learn later is that a very hard dictature occurs till 30 years ago, and part of the horrors that happened was that the army went into small villages and killed the people.

And here we’re, arriving in their village in an army pick-up truck with armed guys in the back, makes sense they didn’t trust us at first.

The church is right beside the school, in the morning, all the kids come a few feet away from us and just stand staring at us, laughing between them, and running away when one of us come in their direction, maybe 30 kids are surrounding us, we’re the morning attraction of the village.

We got in Guatemala city the 21st in the morning, after a last ride who brought us directly to the airport.

Anne and Skylar left yesterday around 4 :30.

It was interesting to travel all together, maybe a bit too tiring for Anne who had to take care of her child, and of herself at the same time, she was very faithfull to go travel with two wanderers like us, hitch-hiking all around, sleeping in unknown places every nights, in country that some people would denominate as dangerous.

Well now we’re going to be traveling a few more days in Guatemala, then go to El Salvador.

Aubin is going to go back to France in June, so we’ll be spliting in a few days, he’ll go back to Mexico and fly back from there, I’ll keep on going to Panama hitch-hiking.

Feel the beauty of world around you.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photos of the trip in Mexico

Just added a new diaporama on the trip in Mexico,
on the left,


Monday, April 27, 2009

Oxaca, Chiapas and Yucatan peninsula

Mexico has been open hug to us.

We just arrived three days ago in Belize, this small country in Central America, with lot of soul.

So much beauty to discover in the South of Mexico, that’s why we were moving like snails in the past few weeks.

I won’t be able to count about everything that happened lately, it would take more time than what my hands can deal with, typing on a computer.

We got to the state of Oaxaca, by the beginning of March, heat began to get strong, and the deserty landscape of northern Oaxaca heated us up even more.
Cactuses are here giant hands bagging to the sky to cry a bit.

Traveling is a wonderful experience, and the way we do it enhance our comprehension that world really is a beautiful place, and that human being have so much beauty in him.
Of course we wanna share that with everybody who wants to.

On the squared central square of the city of Oaxaca, we met a sister, she wanted to speak, and finally decided to go hitch-hiking with two wanderers.

Her name is Karin, she’s 50, lives in South Africa, had a company, and decided to leave it to go discover the world, and go listen to her heart.
We offered her to go travel with us, we usually do, as I said, it’s so great to share, but most of the people don’t actually come and do it.
She did.

We left hitch-hiking, it was tough sometimes to carry the big black airport design suitcase.
But with the will she had, she could have carried the bag to Panama.
We hitch-hiked during two hot days, went from the dry desert, to the wet jungle pf café trees, to the Pacific coast, by the village of Puerto Escondido, where we slept on the beach one night.
The huge wave crashing on the shore, seemed like they had done a long travel.

It makes so grateful when you receive such a trust, and when you see that there’s no age to live our dreams.
Thanks Karin.

From Puerto Escondido, we went to Mazunte, a small village by the Pacific coast, with a nice type of tourism, lots of young people, no big hotel, mainly hamacs on the beach.
Exchange between the people of the village and the tourist.

In Mazunte, we join with Cécile, another daughter of the red wine country, but who has been living in Colorado for now five years. I met her in Durango, CO, past November, we saw each other one day, without knowing that we would be traveling for a month together.

Cecile was a school teacher in Durango, but she decided that it was time to jump into something new, she left her job, and decided to go living in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the southern region of Mexico called Chiapas.
When we met up with her, Cécile decided to come try the experience of traveling with the two wanderers.

After Oxaca, we arrived in the state of Chiapas, getting into the land of the Mayas, into a land of amazing nature, where ancient have developed a precise sense of comprehension of the world.

After 6000 ft mountains we go down into the dense forest, birds turn into rainbows, leaves get bigger than my head, animals turn into kings, human beings love their mother nature.

We visit the ruins of Palenque, then Aubin needs to go back to San Cristobal de las Casas, so with Cécile and 4 other persons that we met on the way, we go to the village of Lacanja.
Lacanja is a Lacandon Mayan village, Lacandon have their own Mayan language, and remain quite close to the ancient traditions.
A friend from Mexico city gave us the direction of her friend Adelita in the village, she let us put our tent by her house.
Adelita her husband, and their children live in a bamboo, wood house, with a palm leaves roof. The house has two rooms, one where everybody sleeps, with hamacs, two beds and the TV, and the Kitchen, in which the roof is black cause of the smoke of the fire she lights up to cook on the wood and dirt table.
We share lots of smile, lots of laughs.
We bath and clean our clothes in the spring that runs by the house.
Adela makes bracelet and neckless with seeds that she exchanges with the turquoise art of Cécile.
Nice peaceful life, makes you never wanna leave.

We did leave, with lot of emotion in the heart, thanks to them, they were wonderful.

We leave Chiapas, see the hills flattening, trees shortening, and go from humid forest to the dry flat land of the Yucatan peninsula

We stay one night in the beautiful city of Campeche, full of color and nice architecture, and stay with a host.

The next day we go to Merida, and stay a few night with Daniel, our host.

Then we get into Cancun, excepted the water that is of an incredible azur blue, nothing to see in this city that has been created exclusively for tourism 39 years ago.
This is the kind of place that has no soul, cause local people haven’t been growing all together they came here to earn the money they need to live.
It doesn’t feel at all like a Mexican city, feels like a made-up life, created to reach the expectations of people who wanna travel to chill-out under a sun shining sky, have all the material things they have in their country and get away from their every day life.

Well, we couldn’t stand to stay long, even if our host was incredibly nice and generous.

We then went down to Playa del Carmen, another touristic place, but in a nicer way.

From there we went to Tulum, a wonderful place where the Mayan ruins are right by the blue caribean water, we stayed there two night, sleeping on the beach.

Then we left for Chetumal, right by the border with Belize, got hosted by a member of

And on the 22nd of April, we passed the border and got into Belize.

Cécile is still traveling with us, she's incredibly courageous, she stands with her super thumb on the side of the road, and even the extreme heat can't knock her out.

We spent a bit more than 4 months in Mexico, 4 months full of discoveries, of people opening their door, opening their heart, of wonderful nature.
Walking in the street in Mexico, you can be sure that if you smile at somebody, he’s gonna smile back at you, if you say hello, he’ll say hello back.
Just simple things, but that are coming from the heart.

Just wanna say thank you to Mexican people.

We are all brother.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Videos of chenapans

Hello laydies and gentlemen,

we're now in the beautiful city of San Cristobal de las Casas.

We've put some new vidéos online that are quite nice:

one about the crazy carnival of VeraCruz:

one that shows our friend Yuri, who, I have to say, have an incredible voice:

And more videos on this link:

If you want to see some few pictures from the last days of our trip,
you can go on the french blog:

We're going to head towards Yucatan in a few.

Mexico is a wonderful country,
Mexicans are marvelous.

Come travel with us whenever you want.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Up in the sky

Man have always searched for its beliefs in the sky.

how is everything doing for you?

On this beautiful monday we're close to the highest peak of Mexico,
the Citlaltépetl, or Pico de Orizaba, third highest peak in north America,
with its 5,636 meters (18,490 feet) high.
This volcano emerge as a castle, with it surrounding white crown of snow.

We're in the city of Xalapa,
capital of the state of Vera Cruz, city of 400,000 inhabitants, at an altitude of 4,500 ft,
home of the university of Vera Cruz.

The travel is still wonderful,
we've kept on going with our same goals,
meeting people,
not going in any hotel,
being hosted as much as possible,
hitch-hiking, every way of travel that makes us being close of our brothers human beings.

Our road have followed the coast of the Pacific ocean,
we got a sail boat ride with Scott and Linda, a couple from California,
from the city of Mazatlan, to San Blas,
a nice little village of fisherman, not invaded by the tourist because of the abundance of the noseeem flies, that bite quite strong.
During the cruise, we got to see some whales jumping, and were welcomed by dolphins when we arrived in San Blas,
we put a video online of the dolphins’ dance:

From there we hitch-hiked to Nuevo Vallarta,
a city very close to Puerto Vallarta,
this big zoo of tourist, where it's easy to forget that we're traveling,
why should we want to recreate our home environment when we go traveling?
Then we kept on hitch-hiking to Guadalajara, going through the field of agave, the plant that’s used to make tequila.
From Guadalajara, we hitch-hiked to the city of Guanajuato, maybe one of the most beautiful city I’ve seen, surrounded by the mountains, every house has it own color, like a rainbow on earth.

From Guanajuato we hitch-hiked to Morelia, then went to the winter home of the monarch butterflies. These butterflies migrate from Mexico to the Usa or even Canada every year, the males die in Mexico, and the female come back to their northern refuge to give birth.
They’re wonderful, milions of butterflies, seeming like grapes on the logs.
We put a video of the butterflies on youtube :

Then we hitch-hiked to Mexico city, the huge, the enormous Mexico city, with its 20 milions of inhabitants, city covered by a cloud of pollution, megapole, city of extreme.

We stayed a bit more than two weeks in Mexico city, in two different homes, with people that we met through the website
We got to meet lots of people, see few of the different parts of the city, but we never felt endengered, as everybody seemed to say that this city was so dangerous.

We got to attend a class of sociology in the huge university UNAM, with its 250,000 students. This university, recognized as one of the best of latin America, cost only 1 symbolic peso per year.

The city of Mexico have been constructed over the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Most of what is now Mexico city was a lake, on the center of the lake was an island where the Aztecs people erected the city of Tenochtitlan.
The Spanish destructed all of the Aztec city, killed most of the people, created a new city, and erected a huge cathedral where was an Aztec temple, what a proof of love for their brothers human being !

The temple of Cuicuilco, on the south of the city is really impressive, erected about a 1000 years BC, it’s on a space point very important, exactly on the center of many sacred places for the people of this time.

The knowledge of geometry through observing the stars have a very important part in many culture…
From the capital of Mexico, we hitch-hike east, stopping in Cholula, where the suppositely biggest pyramide in the world have been erected, most of it though is still under the ground.

From there, we hitch-hiked to Vera Cruz, right on time to celebrate the carnaval, crazy time in the city, people come from all around, the purpose isn’t as much for costuming, but much more to have fun and dance,…, one day we’ll know how to dance.
Lots of colour, lots of energy, the sea, the perfect climate, nice people.

Then we went back north a bit, to discover the ruins of the Tajin, on the traditional of the Totonac people, constructed around 0 AC, there’s an impressively beautiful pyramide.

We’ll leave going south to the state of Oaxaca, then we’ll go to Chiapas, and Yucatan.

Mexico is an incredible country, people have been so welcoming, so helping, so hospitable.
We’ve been knocking on a few doors, asking for hospitality, and it didn’t seem to be anything crazy for the people ; we’ve been received very easily.

We’ve heard so much about the dangerousness of Mexico, there is a big tradition of fear in our culture, and for sure, fear attracts problems.

We try to travel out of any fear, just with a huge faith in this power that gives a reason to everything.

Then there are practical facts that play a big role, we more or less speak spanish, that makes of us a different kind of traveler.
We’ve met so many people who come to Mexico, only speak english, and expect everybody to be able to answer in english to them, mexico is not an english nor a french speaking colony, the least when we go to another country is to learn a few words, at least making an effort.

It’s so important not to just listen to what people say, but go, open our ears, our eyes and our heart, and go to make our own opinion.

The culture of a country isn’t only its museum, the entire world is a anthropology museum, the entire world is an open book, it’s just asking for us to turn its pages.

If you want to see a few pictures of our travel, go check our blog :

To see directly some of the picture from Mexico :

And to watch the video we put online :

Have a wonderful day.

Sébastien Roevens

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New pictures

Mexico in pictures.
First part.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The way to the second biggest city in the world.

Buenas tardes,

It is quite a while since we wrote some news about our beautiful travels.

We left Mazatlan aboard the sailboat Samantha.

Scott the captain and his wife Linda a couple of San Francisco were looking for crew members to go south.

We took the opportunity to go offshore and maybe realize our dream to see whales.

Lucky us we saw the splendid spectacle of a whale jumping complietely out of the water.

After a 22 hours boat ride, welcomed by the dolphins, we arrived in the early morning in the bay of Matenchen surrounded by a beautiful tropical landscape.

We stayed for a couple of days in the small city of San Blas.

The place is not very touristic because of the abundance of the noseethem flies that bite as bad as the mosquito.

From there we hitch hike south to Nuevo Vallarta were we only spend a night before continuing in the next morning to Guadalajara.

Along the way we stop in San Sebastian Del Oeste, a village high in the mountains from the time of the colonisation.

The road are made of paving stone, and the house have all a 1 meter high red stripe from the ground.

We arrived late in Guadalajara the second biggest town in Mexico.

Fortunately Lorena a friend of a friend was waiting of us.

With her family we went to the lake Chapala the biggest lake in Mexico.

Every Sundays the piers of the lake are filled by the people of Guadalajara coming to spend time with the family or friends.

Our next stage was the city of Guanajuato in the very center of Mexico.

The city is simply full of colors.

Guanajuato is also know to be the capital of the kiss.Most of the big traffic road are underground and many small streets are not even accessible for the cars.

In the city of Morelia we were living right in the mitle of downtown.

Together with our host from we went to the night of the stars.

For the event they installed some telescope and we were able to see some moon crater and to learn about different constellation.

On the way to Mexico city we stopped in near Angangueo in the state of Michoacan.

The winter home of million Monarch butterflies.

The Monarch butterflies make the biggest migration of their species.

They fly from southern Canada and northern Texas all the way down to Mexico.

For some of them more, then 4500km to spend the winter in a warmer place.

The males are dying in Mexico as the females are flying back to give birth in Canada or the USA.

The spectacle is impressive, thousand and thousand of butterflies flying around or hanging in bunch in the trees.

Im remembering of this amazing moment I let you go back to your activity.

Hasta luego.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The beautifull Pacific ocean in Mazatlan.

The colors are juste so nice all over.

Fisherboat with a pelican on top.

Mazatlan, the sunset under the tropic of cancer.

The Patricia Belle boat we are living on for a couple of days.
They make charter for the tourist here in Mazatlan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New pictures

Hello my brothers human beings,

we've put new picture of our trip from Vancouver to New Mexico,
hope you'll find you on the picture,
we stop putting diaporama,
it slows down too much the downloading of the blog,
so this time if you want to see the picture, go on this adress:

Wish you a wonderful day


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year to all of you.

I wish you a wonderful, inspirating, full of love new year 2009.

We're now in Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa, in Mexico,
it seems strange to get in january and at the same time being able to wear short,
with temperature around the 80's.

How could we complain?

From Chihuahua, we hitch-hike to Creel,
a village at more than 8000 feet high, in the sierra,
where it was freezing at night,
but still warm during the day.
In Creel, we knocked on the door of a house that seemed nice,
and asked for hospitality, an woman opened the door and let us in.

We got to explore a bit the sierra, and it's just incredible,
there are canyons deeper than the grand canyon,
and changement of vegetation, from pine trees, to oak trees,
to cactus, and then close to the river, orange trees, tropical fuit trees.
The rocks are full of color, yellow, orange, pink, black.

The sierra is the land of the native Tarahumara people,
they still live very close to what their ancestors where.

Two days ago we took the train called : "El Chepe"
a train that joins Chihuahua, in the desert, to Los Mochis, on the other side of the sierra, on the Pacific coast.
The route is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train route in the world.
I have to say that it really is pretty amazing.

There are a lot to say about Mexico, even if it's been only two weeks we are here,
but first of all, we've been told so much that Mexico is so dangerous,
it may be true, but as every place in the world has the possibility to be dangerous,
it's important to know that mainly if you don't have any relation with narco trafficant you'll be ok.
We try to be aware, to feel the people we speak with, the people that give us rides, the people who host us.
For the moment we've only met very good people.

Every place in the world can be dangerous, but fear attracts trouble, trustfullness, or faith is all we need to be safe and to enjoy the gift of life.

That's what my travel teach me.

Now we may be going south, along the Pacific coast,
to the city of Guadalajara, and to the capital, Mexico city.

We're now in Los Mochis hosted by a family through the website

We've put a lot of new videos on youtube
this is our channel:

Life is beautiful