Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The beautifull Pacific ocean in Mazatlan.

The colors are juste so nice all over.

Fisherboat with a pelican on top.

Mazatlan, the sunset under the tropic of cancer.

The Patricia Belle boat we are living on for a couple of days.
They make charter for the tourist here in Mazatlan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New pictures

Hello my brothers human beings,

we've put new picture of our trip from Vancouver to New Mexico,
hope you'll find you on the picture,
we stop putting diaporama,
it slows down too much the downloading of the blog,
so this time if you want to see the picture, go on this adress:

Wish you a wonderful day


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year to all of you.

I wish you a wonderful, inspirating, full of love new year 2009.

We're now in Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa, in Mexico,
it seems strange to get in january and at the same time being able to wear short,
with temperature around the 80's.

How could we complain?

From Chihuahua, we hitch-hike to Creel,
a village at more than 8000 feet high, in the sierra,
where it was freezing at night,
but still warm during the day.
In Creel, we knocked on the door of a house that seemed nice,
and asked for hospitality, an woman opened the door and let us in.

We got to explore a bit the sierra, and it's just incredible,
there are canyons deeper than the grand canyon,
and changement of vegetation, from pine trees, to oak trees,
to cactus, and then close to the river, orange trees, tropical fuit trees.
The rocks are full of color, yellow, orange, pink, black.

The sierra is the land of the native Tarahumara people,
they still live very close to what their ancestors where.

Two days ago we took the train called : "El Chepe"
a train that joins Chihuahua, in the desert, to Los Mochis, on the other side of the sierra, on the Pacific coast.
The route is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train route in the world.
I have to say that it really is pretty amazing.

There are a lot to say about Mexico, even if it's been only two weeks we are here,
but first of all, we've been told so much that Mexico is so dangerous,
it may be true, but as every place in the world has the possibility to be dangerous,
it's important to know that mainly if you don't have any relation with narco trafficant you'll be ok.
We try to be aware, to feel the people we speak with, the people that give us rides, the people who host us.
For the moment we've only met very good people.

Every place in the world can be dangerous, but fear attracts trouble, trustfullness, or faith is all we need to be safe and to enjoy the gift of life.

That's what my travel teach me.

Now we may be going south, along the Pacific coast,
to the city of Guadalajara, and to the capital, Mexico city.

We're now in Los Mochis hosted by a family through the website

We've put a lot of new videos on youtube
this is our channel:

Life is beautiful