Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Down to Mexico

Hello my friends,

after getting stucked in Seattle for more than two weeks,
nobody wanting to buy the car,
we finally decided to go back down south, the weather getting too cold to go across Canada hitch-hiking,
but more than that, the will of discovering something different than North-America.

It' s already been a year that we're in North-America,
it's time to change, this world is so big, so beautiful, and so interesting,
we need to be around another way of living now.

Yesterday, Aubin could go back into the states,
after explaining our motivation,
he got a visa till the 15th of december.

Now we need to decide which route we're going to take to go down south,
and we absolutely need to sell this car before entering Mexico.

By the way, if you know anybody who would be interested by a toyota 4runner V6 of 1993 with 170 700 miles for 3500$,
let us know.

What we're really excited about, is to be here in America for the election,
I think we're really lucky to be able to live this intense moment of American history.

I would lke to ask you something,
as we're here to discover, not to judge, but only to look at this world around us as a big family.
If you feel comfortable about it,
no obligation at all,
could you tell me which one of the candidates to the presidential election you feel represent you the best,
and explain me a bit why you think he would make a good representant of this country.
This will stay personnal,
and as I can't vote, I'm just looking this event as an external observator.

Thank you



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back into the States

Hello my friends.

The queen of England welcomed us as we walked our first steps on the Canadian territory,
not the queen herself of course, but this wonderful picture in the hall of the customs office.

Vancouver island was one of these experience that you know you'll remember for a very very long time.
Through our peregrinations, we met Luke, when he heard we were doing this world travel, trying to see the world as our eyes would, he decided to show us what his eyes saw for years and years.

Luke grew up on this far west, the one where no roads bring, far on the west coast of Vancouver island.
To go there, you need to ride 1h30 on lugging road, then take your boat and surf the inlets waves for 45min.

One day, when my english will be good enough for me to write a book, I may be able to describe with the right terms what we experienced in this end of the world.
It was simply magical.
I'll always remember the colors, the grey, the green, the blue, the mountains, the ocean, the killer whales, the bears, the bold eagles, the sea lions, the sea otters, just all this harmony between forces, this magical endless.

Thank you Luke for this magical gift.

Thank you nature for your beauty.

We had to come back to America,
we made the choice to sell the car and keep on going hitch-hiking,
few reasons for that: too much money just flew away in gas expense,
but the more important,
being stucked into a canned box with four wheels isn't the best way to reach people,
from the unknown and the unsecure comes the faith.

The american border got harder than what we thought it would be,
I had no problem with visa, as I came back to France this summer, I have a new american visa till next march,
but Aubin, after spending six months in the USA, and only two weeks in Canada, the customs didn't want to let him in, saying that they didn't have enough proof that he was really living in France.
After lots of hour of discussion, they finally gave Aubin a five days visa,
just enough for him to come with me to Seattle, fix some few stuffs that had to be fixed on the car prior to be sold.
Aubin left yesterday and got back to Vancouver where he's hosted by Tracey and Cathy, very nice girls who hosted us already through

I'll have to stay till the car is sold, then I'll join Aubin and we'll hitch-hike across Canada to the eastern coast.

By the way, if you have any contact in Canada, anybody who would be Ok to host two travelers.
Or if you know any place that is really worth it, please let us know.

If you know anybody around Seattle who would like a Toyota 4runner of 1993, let us know too.

Today, I had time to completely change the blog's aspect, if you could tell me what you think about it.
There is now a map showing where we are in the world, and where we have been through, as our roads where not the same in the USA, AUbin still have to draw his road down.

There are also some beautiful pictures of Vancouver Island, and all the rest of the trip on the blog, if you click on them you'll be able to see them bigger.

We've been putting some few videos on
you can find them with the keywords: inspired wanders

Breathing is so good...